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What have you AppCompact'd?

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What have you AppCompact'd?

I have been attempting to compile a list of programs, whether portable or not, that can be safely compacted using the AppCompactor. I need some help though. If you have used the AppCompactor on other programs, doesn't matter if they are naturally portable or local installations, then can you please let me know? Post a reply and give the Program Name, Version and if you used the default compacting settings or if you modified the settings that are present upon launch of AppCompactor. Thank you in advance!!

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better opposite

search for list of software which can not be compacted. Since almost everything can be compacted , in some way compacting might break something. Like you should not compact the laucnchers of portable apps, you should not compact .jar etc.
In some cases the compacting makes no problem, but it can not be safely removed after that (like in case of the java progs)

see also and relevant entries in wikipedia

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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