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New Ccrypt Version 1.8

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New Ccrypt Version 1.8

There is a new version of Ccrypt out and I thought this would be useful to know since it contains the following in the release notes.

June 5, 2009: Release 1.8 This long-overdue release fixes some minor bugs and adds minor features. Added a new --keyref option to avoid double password prompt. Added a new exit code in case the key was not entered or not found. Added internationalization support and German and French translations. Fixed minor bugs in user interface and updated emacs support. Password files ending in a DOS-style end-of-line marker are now correctly recognized. Improved portability and testing.


Steve Lamerton
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for the heads-up, I will get the version in Toucan updated Smile

EDIT: Or maybe not, for some reason the new ccrypt exe is vastly bigger than the old on (more than 10x after compression) so I will drop Peter an email I think, considering that we have had no issues with the current version (apart from people forgetting passwords) I don't think there is any rush.

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