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ki and the magentas
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There's something I don't like about ff 3.5.
You see, I usually copy a tab by dragging while holding Ctrl. This is useful when you don't want to leave a page but want to do something else on the same site, for example a search.
I suppose there are other ways to do that, but I was comfortable copying tabs the way I mentioned and now it's gone!
I'm sure that somebody knows how to fix it.
Thanks for your support.

ki & the magentas

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I didn't know that trick, but I just did it with this page and it worked...

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Drag, copy and throw

Actually you can still copy.

With 3.5 you can drag and throw a tab to its own window then drag that tab to another window.

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The Kazoo Spartan

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You could just run Tab Mix

You could just run Tab Mix Plus and set the option to open a new tab for searches.
You will have to use the latest beta build for FF3.5

Tab Mix Plus Options - Events - Tab Opening - Open tabs from
Check the Search bar box

you may also want to check the Address bar box if you want to open a new tab every time you type in a url.

Tab tearing is a new feature in FF3.5, which might be why you're having difficulty now.

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Works here too

It works here, too: Holding CTRL and dragging a tab to copy it. But I don't think I would ever use that feature.

The "tab tearing" feature is worthless for me because I prefer to keep all my tabs in one window.

I can't imagine using Firefox without Tab Mix Plus. Might give it up before Adblock Plus, though it's a close call. I used to use the Protect Tab feature, but now I've just got my middle button set to open a link in a new tab, so protection for the parent tab is no longer needed.

It's funny how you evolve your web surfing to fit your needs and styles, and how Firefox tends to help with that with extensions. Unlike many Firefox loyalists, I never had a hard time using IE 6 SP2, it was a decent browser, properly configured, but it couldn't be extended; you couldn't teach it any new tricks.

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Works here too. Even though

Works here too. Even though I never knew about it..

ki and the magentas
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Thank you people for your attention but, I'm trying here and it just doesn't work.
I have a backup copy of ff 3.0.7, which was my previous version before updating, and there I can copy tabs.
Now, when I talk about copying tabs, I refer to copying them on the same window, not necessarily on a second one, why? I can move them, drop them into another window, but not copy them holding Ctrl.
And nothing's wrong with the keyboard.
Maybe if you try with this very tab, and try with a backup copy of ff 3.0.x, you will tell.

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