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A Address/Phone Book

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A Address/Phone Book

I would like to see a portable app of an address/phone book without having to use the email program. I use a MSN/Hotmail for my email through firefox so it is not necessary to have it.

Please consider it...Thank you,

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This is what I

This is what I use:

It isn't your typical application written as an executable, TiddlyWiki's are a type of single file wiki, fully editable by you within your browser. TWAB is what I use as an addressbook as I try to abandon my old pda with twelve years of contacts in it. It works fine on the web, on my hard drives at home, and on a usb key in my pocket. All you need to use it is a javascript-equipped browser, like firefox, ie, opera, etc. It works well with the portable firefox you'll find here (I use it) and it works regardless of the operating system. It has built-in file imports to several systems and a documented path for writing new ones (although it doesn't do synchronization).

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