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CoreFTP Mini SFTP Server Portable Development Test 1 [Testers Needed]

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CoreFTP Mini SFTP Server Portable Development Test 1 [Testers Needed]

Application: Mini SFTP Server
Category: Utilities
License: Freeware
Description: CoreFTP Mini SFTP Server is software for Windows that allows you to exchange files with others via networks and the internet. The SFTP protocol (Secure File Transfer Protocol) allows files to be moved across the internet and networks with relative ease, regardless of computer platform (Windows, Unix, Mac, etc). The server program is setup on your computer and allows access by others to your files. You control who accesses what files by setting up user accounts on the SFTP server.

Download Mini SFTP Server Portable 1.15 Development Test 1 [357kB download / 1MB installed]
(MD5: 2DD5141E0CD369EDCBA28E6322164E29)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2009-07-13): Initial release

NOTE: Although this program runs without admin privileges, it requires a port to be open in your firewall (port 22 by default), or else it will most likely require admin privileges to open a port.