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CometBird Portable?

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CometBird Portable?

Hi, please make a Portable version of CometBird - Firefox based browser
P.S. Sorry 4 my English Smile

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It's Firefox

It's a re-branded Firefox. So are Orca Browser and Blackbird. Anybody can take the source to Firefox and put their own name and logo on it because Firefox is open-source; they just can't use the Firefox name and logo since those are trademarked. The more prominent Firefox clones typically add their authors' favorite extensions and themes to further differentiate it from Firefox, but under the hood, it's the same thing.

Just study their site and figure out what extensions they added and add them yourself. Next, get a theme that looks like theirs or find the one they used. At any rate, I don't think PA are going to portablize all or any of the Firefox clones, since they have the exclusive or near exclusive permission to modify Firefox and still call it Firefox.

What I hate about the clones' sites, is they never tell you exactly what they do that Firefox doesn't. They just list their browser's features, but most of them are already in Firefox. And Internet Explorer, in some cases, like popup blocking, making it a moot point.

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