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u3 program to start pstart

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u3 program to start pstart

i have a u3 jumpdrive with u3 firefox, openoffice, thinderbird, avast, etc... but i still use other portables and other programs i've installed on my jumpdrive (that aren't u3)...

my question is: does anyone have a u3 program (aka one that would show up on the u3 menu) that starts pstart (or something like it). if not, would it be possible to port pstart to u3? i just dont have the time to write a program for that...

Bruce Pascoe
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Search the forums for "pstart u3" (minus the quotes)... I believe there's a post somewhere that explains how to make a U3-compatible PStart.

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Found it at everythingusb

Here is the link I found. I'm pretty sure you can replace the PStart.exe with the current version.


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