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ThunderBrowse Addon to Launch FirefoxPortable?

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ThunderBrowse Addon to Launch FirefoxPortable?

Solution: Using %DRIVE%\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe as the path to FFP.

I am wondering if anyone has any luck using ThunderBrowse to launch an external browser, namely Firefox Portable. I have tried using relative paths and absolute paths to the FirefoxPortable.exe, but without success. No matter what I do it either opens the system's installed version of FF or the EXE located in FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox opens but not in a portable mode (none of my bookmarks or settings are configured).

I have tried the paths:

I know it somehow starts FirefoxPortable, because FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\firefox.exe is started (confirmed by Process Explorer) buy my portable settings are not used.

I think this would be a real asset to PA.c since it would allow TBP to open FFP without issue.


Forcing Thunderbird portable to open Firefoxportable
Submitted by Smerk on January 6, 2009 - 11:37pm

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Use %Drive%

Actually, it doesn't read relative paths that way. It takes %Drive% and then reads from there.

For example:


or whatever the path is to your executable.

%Drive% (%drive% should also be accepted) is replaced with the current drive that the currently running instance of Thunderbird is on.

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That worked

Thanks for the help. Setting it to %Drive%\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe worked perfectly.

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