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Where is Firefox Portable's temp folder?

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Where is Firefox Portable's temp folder?

Does FFP use the user's default folder at

C:\Documents and Settings\*User*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

or does it make use of a special folder? The reason I'm asking is because I sometimes find that my anti-virus picks up stuff that is left from sites I visited. When I clean these folders, it doesn't always seem to help.

I use FFP's built-in private data cleaner, as well as the Piriform CCleaner program.

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Firefox Portable is configured to use RAM cache while running only. If you enable cache in options (not recommended for flash drives) it will store it in your FirefoxPortable\Data\profile directory.

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Where do we find that

Where do we find that feature? I looked under options ant its not there in 3.5


Found it!
Under Advanced Settings

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