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Question from a complete Platform nOOb

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Question from a complete Platform nOOb

I have been using PStart for launching portable apps and want to give the platform a shot.

Installation was a breeze but I am stumbling at what must be one of the very most basic tasks - how to get non .paf format apps into the platform within directories? For example, I have many Nirsoft portable apps in their own directories nested in a 'Nirsoft' directory in PStart.

Can I accomplish the same structure in the Platform? I'm used to piling apps into directories like: Audio/Video, Games, Imaging, Net, Productivity, Utilities, etc. to organize and save menu space.

Couldn't see a way to do this in the support and FAQs pages.

Thanks in advance. Gotta start somewhere? Yes??


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First let me say hi and welcome here Smile

As a lot of Apps here, the Platform has a Support page. You can get to it by clicking on the "Support"-button at the top of every page and then its the first link.

There you'll find a section about adding Apps where its explained how to app Apps in the format and also others.

Unfortunately you cant use the same structure you're used to. The Platform only supports Applications inside a folder inside the PortableApps folder:


I hope that helps to get you started with the platform Smile

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Unfortunately, all whitespace

Unfortunately, all whitespace gets removed at the front of a line if you don't use the pre tag, so your example makes it look like all of the folders are at the root...


Hope that helps Smile (and yes, losing that whitespace is annoying... oh well)

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Thanks for the replies. Here

Thanks for the replies.

Here is an example of what I would like setup. Sounds like it's not yet possible with Portable Apps Platform (?).

PStart structure example

I seem to have collected a too many portable apps! Smile


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