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[Problem installing]Mac-On-Stick

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[Problem installing]Mac-On-Stick

I've tried to do Mac-On-Stick, but i can't understand this line in the manual(

>Unpack the System_7.0.1.smi.bin archive and move the image files into the Mac-on-Stick folder.

How to unpack it? I'm running WinXP, WinRAR can't open it, so how i have to unpack

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Try 7zip

Try 7zip

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doesnt work

i tried to use mac on a stick but it didnt work either and i used 7zip

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Nothing works.....

It would have been nice if somebody had a solution to this issue. I don't think I would have invested the time and effort that I already put into getting it running if I had of known.

It's true.... 7-Zip doesn't work. Neither do all the other programs I downloaded and installed. Even the programs that were "guaranteed" to work with "bin" files. Apparently, it's a Mac format file that has no Windows utility to extract it.

The link to the installed app (found at the end of the tutorial) didn't work. It died along with Pirate Bay.

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This is why I hate Mac on A Stick

It's reasons like this I don't think Mac on A Stick should be listed here.

-It's not developed by PortableApps
-It's not supported by PortableApps
-It's not in PortableApps format
-It requires downloading illegal software
-It's near useless
-It's not hosted by PortableApps
-Some of the links don't work
-It links to an external site
-It's misleading to anyone who isn't a "tech geek"
-There is a lot of potential for the install to go wrong
-It requires multiple downloads

It's safe to say, it does not belong.

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