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FreeOTFE/FreeOTFE Explorer - driverless disk encryption

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FreeOTFE/FreeOTFE Explorer - driverless disk encryption

It looks like new versions of FreeOTFE and FreeOTFE Explorer are out - and PortableApps versions are downloadable as well!

Unlike Truecrypt, FreeOTFE Explorer has been designed to be portable, and doesn't need administrator rights to use it.

Couldn't we get it included into the main suite? There's been a lot of requests for a disk encryption system to be included, but they all need administrator rights to use; it looks like FreeOTFE solves this by offering two versions:

FreeOTFE - which is a normal disk encryption system
FreeOTFE Explorer - a version that uses the same encrypted volumes, but which doens't need administrator rights