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Installed toucan in admin acct, error when run from limited acct

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Installed toucan in admin acct, error when run from limited acct

Toucan installs and runs fine from within any account (admin or limited).

However, on an winXP pro machine with multiple users, I installed toucan from an admin account to c:\windows\program files\toucan. Then I logged off and logged into a limited user account. When I run toucan from the same location it gave several file access errors saying it cannot access configuration file.

It would be more helpful if the error message shows the full path of the file in question.

Does anyone know where the configuration file is saved? If I know where it is I can change the file security setting.

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Security and Certain Folders

Portable software should not be installed to anything within the Program Files or Windows directories on a local drive as those directories have security settings that will interfere with portable apps. Portable apps keep their settings files within their own directory which Windows doesn't like in those paths.

If you want to install it to your C drive, install it to C:\PortableApps\Toucan and then you can apply any security settings to the PortableApps directory (and have them effect everything within it). That should fix your issue for you.

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