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GUI Overlay; Windows Start Menu

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GUI Overlay; Windows Start Menu

I use shared computers OFTEN. I need a mod! I dont have the skillz so I call apon you!
I need a windows start menu overlay. The round arrow graphic over part of or all the "Start" menu that launches Platform. The systray isnt working out, some of the PCs i use even have systrey access disabled. I need the auto run to go and then run my tools from there. Might I suggest this be added into the Options.

I look forward to everyone's replies!

Thank you.

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1 - Search this site for "icon button", you will find that someone has a beta app to do this

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I've never used a system without the tray there, but I understand that the Platform 2.0 was to introduce support in some way for machines without the tray - or at least not to crash. Try the Beta in the forums, see if it does what you want.

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John T. Haller
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This is coming in the next beta of 2.0. The current 2.0 Beta will work without the system tray available. To reshow the menu, just run StartPortableApps.exe again for now (as a temporary last resort). Beta 4 is coming this week and will add in an icon you can use and move around.

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Um... also, you can use the

Um... also, you can use the hotkey...

Win + Alt + Space

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Uber l33t

Thank you! Couldn't have asked for more. Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin

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