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vpn and exe's

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vpn and exe's

I'm attempting to sync a folder up that goes through a VPN across the country. Text files, pdfs, ppts, and basically every filetype I had at hand would go through it but when I try to send across an .exe file it sticks as a toucan.tmp file. I've even tried to rename it to what it should have been. Is their a known problem with exe's and vpns? I looked through a good chunk of the forum and didn't see it but I may have just over looked it. Thanks

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Shouldn't Matter

It shouldn't matter as Toucan isn't aware of it being a VPN. So if it is an issue and can't be renamed, I'd guess it's a VPN problem. I'd check with your tech support to see if they have a filter or something in place to prevent people loading EXEs through (probably as a virus prevention technique).

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