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Running Linux on one device and Windows on the other.

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Running Linux on one device and Windows on the other.

OK, this is probably a rather stupid question that has been asked before but here it goes. I'm running Fedora Core 7 on the computer I use for a desktop and Windows XP Home edition on the little computer I drag around. I'm assuming that Thunderbird Portable on a flash drive will work nicely on both computers,is my assumption correct? Also, I'm assuming that I can back up Thunderbird Portable on one of the computers just in case something happens to the flash drive.

Thanks for your help.
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Windows only

Right now, is for Windows apps. (.exe's don't work on FC!) If you want to run on Linux, you could try Wine

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That's my situation too

I do something similar; I use Mac OS X as my platform and Windows as the platfom within my clients' sites.

The only inconvenience is not caused by but rather by recent (3.0.20ish) changes within Firefox of how bookmarks are stored. No longer uses the bookmarks.html file but one has to import that into Firefox using the Bookmarks > Organize Bookarks > Import HTML and Export HTML menu options. There probably are some sync tools out there but I prefer to run a light Firefox install (on both Mac and USB). The one add-on I refuse to live without (in both places( is AdBlockPlus; that's a little easier to keep in sync.

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I am currently using thunderbird portable in 32bits WinXP and Win7 without problems.
I also use Ubuntu (in a PC multiboot configuration) and configure the ubuntu built-in thunderbird with the folders saved in the usb pendrive.
You only configure a new account in ubuntu thunderbird and configure de folders pointing to /Data/Profile/Mail/
In this way, you can see the same configuration as Windows and your sent/received messages is saving normally in your pendrive.

EspaÑaks (not verified)

I have almost the same, but in the same computer & they are kubuntu & Xp (2 partitions). What I did is to use TBPortable in the windows ones, & in linux load TB Non-Portable (exactly the same version if possible, if not each time you open other install not the last you used it will launch the "welcome to thunderbird X" message) with the -profilemanager switch to point the profile dir to the "thunderbirdportable/data/profile" folder.

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It works.-

I use Ubuntu/windows 7 in an Acer Aspire 9300 and Eeebuntu/windows XP in an Acer Aspire One, and in a USB drive... with Wine you can run Portable Thunderbird with no problem at all in my Linux partitions (which I use the most)... I do it all the time... ; )

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