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Other recommended apps & programs

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Other recommended apps & programs

I got 90% of my apps from here, but there are other programs that I have that are good from filehippo. Maybe PA can get permission from these makers and use them as apps! One is DVD Shrink, which I use with VLC media player and the dvd burning software. DVD shrink is a program that decrypts dvds too allow you to copy them. I decrypt and store them on my portable hard drive. Another is CCleaner, which is a computer and registry cleaner. Very good program and easy to use. I also use Defraggler. I know PA has JK defrag, but I have read that Defraggler actually works better. I like defraggler also because it allows defragging of all media. I know some people like to defrag their flash drives (pointless to me) but they can do it here. I also have avast! Antivirus, which is a free antivirus and scanning program to protect the host computer and my portable hard drive from virus & spyware attacks. I know PA is coming out with new apps all the time, but I recommend these programs also.

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Licensing, etc

The primary reason is licensing. While some other sites will package stuff like Defraggler without permission (a violation of the EULA and copyright law), we don't do that. Sometimes we create launchers to let you use them portably, though.

With JkDefrag vs Defraggler, they both just use the Windows defragger APIs, so they're pretty much the same end result. You can enable defragging of flash media within JkDefrag Portable with an INI switch. It's off by default because defragging flash drives doesn't help and just wears them.

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