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Can't install themes and extensions :(

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Can't install themes and extensions :(

Hi there!

My latest portable Thunderbird has a big problem. I cannot install any theme or extension. I use Windows XP Pro SP2, but it happens on all computers I have, even in Linux one, using the profile I use in windows. If I drag & drop, or click install and select xpi or jar file, the theme/extension window remains blank... what can be causing this?

Any idea?

Thanks for your time.

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Corrupted Profile...

It's very likely that it's a corrupted profile. Try this out with a brand new one, and if it works, just transfer in all the rest of the important bits.


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It's not because of

It's not because of corruption. Open the about:config editor and find xpinstall.enabled and make sure it's set to true. Make sure (in Fx as well) that the "Allow websites to install software" option is checked. This affects local installation, and is a TB/Fx issue (i.e. not related to portability).


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