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AbiWord: Please update/fix installer

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AbiWord: Please update/fix installer

I installed the latest version of AbiWord Portable for the first time today and discovered it installs the help files for French and Polish even though I selected "English" during the installation. Additionally, a TON of system.profile-* files were installed in the AbiWordPortable\App\AbiSuite2\AbiWord directory for every language it supports. How about only installing the system-profile file that was selected during installation? (ex: system.profile-en)

Please update/fix the installer to only install the required files.

John T. Haller
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Yes and No

If we keep the optional languages component (we may ditch it since AbiWord is so small), the help files won't be installed when you select English. The system.profile files will remain since they're under 1K each and too small to worry about.

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