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Languages in the platform

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Languages in the platform

I've noticed there are a few discrepancies in the language codes between 1.5.2 and 2.0. A couple of them are just the 'Name' (which I don't think is important) but a few of the other codes have changed too (French and German for instance) which breaks the language switching.

Rather than list them here, I've uploaded a document I created in Notepad++, noting the changes. Perhaps one of the language experts here could look at it and check what's right and what's wrong.

Download it - Locale-2.0 Beta 3
(MD5: 31a5497e95c2897c9dd64829c4e100cb)

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It's an error in 2.0 for most of them. Like the libc ones changed from de to de_de accidentally. They'll be switched back for the next beta.

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