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Toucan Mirror Update exception with Thunderbird/Lightning calendar "storage.sdb" file

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Toucan Mirror Update exception with Thunderbird/Lightning calendar "storage.sdb" file


I found recently that Toucan has not been updating the storage.sdb file from Thunderbird's data/profile folder. For anyone unfamiliar with this file, this stores calendar information for Thunderbird's Lightning plugin. I also run an online backup with IDrive, which although had backed up a more recent version of this file was still fairly out of date.

Please note, this refers to using Toucan's mirror update - I run a mirror update on a daily basis. I have version 2.1.2 of Toucan and version of TB. Backups were until recently made on Windows Vista machine but am now on an XP machine.

I have 4 calendars in Thunderbird, 3 of which almost never change. The fourth is a remote google calendar so its content is not stored locally in the storage.sdb file. Consequently, the size of the storage.sdb file remains static at 918KB - curiously, adding new calendars with some random events also does not change the size of this file!

Anyway, the file is modified in some way every time TB runs, at least according to Windows - in fact Windows updates the date modified timestamp every time the calendars are refreshed. I dont know enough either about how TB uses the storage.sdb file, or how Windows defines "modified", or how this differs from how Toucan defines modified but the result is that Toucan seems to ignore this file regardless of the timestamp. This has led to my losing two (fortunately insignificant) calendars after over-writing my TB profile with the TB profile I had backed up with Toucan.

The obvious solution is to periodically perform a full backup copy rather than just a mirror - this should help minimise such problems but doesnt really solve the problem that mirror update does not correctly identify storage.sdb as modified. I wouldn't care but this file seems to be pretty damned important!

Additional considerations:

- My storage.sdb file may be corrupt - hence the static file size on the disk regardless of how much additional content I add to local calendars. This may consequently confuse Toucan into thinking it does not require updating.

- I would think that many people who use Toucan would also use TB and at least some of those would use calendars. The fact that I cant find any other reference to this problem suggests an issue with my setup. Is there perhaps a threshhold before Toucan identifies a file as modified? I would have expected this would at least cover the addition of two new calendars so I dont think there is such a threshhold.

If anyone else has encountered this problem please let me know. If Toucan really is failing to mirror this file then I guess that is quite serious and should be raised. If it is a problem on my end then I guess I am an idiot and deserve what I get... Blum

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have been a couple of reports of Mirror issues potentially similar to yours recently, indeed I saw one myself the other day, so I am investigating! Thanks for the report Smile

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