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LeoCAD - virtual brick building tool

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LeoCAD - virtual brick building tool

Program: LeoCAD

License: GNU General Public License, according to, but I could not find confirmation of this at the original author's website

Description: LeoCAD is a CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys (but they don't represent any particular brand). Currently it has a library of more than 1000 different pieces, and with the recent LDraw parts update (see this number has risen well above that.


Other: I don't think this app has any dependencies. I'm not sure whether it writes anything to the registry (probably does), but it does create some extra subfolders under My Documents. Development has apparently stalled, or is delayed in any case (no more development activity since 05/2009)

Thank you for considering!

Chris Morgan
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As of about 10 years ago!

I doubt that its development has stalled; no commits for a three months in a more than 10 year old project is unlikely to mean that.

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LDraw (from which LeoCAD is

LDraw (from which LeoCAD is derived) sure will meet lots of people's needs, but problem is that there's no such thing as THE LDraw program. it stands for a series of tools, kind of a suite, giving people a headache when trying to install them. let alone make it portable.

instead, LeoCAD is just a small, convenient tool, with a single, simple install.

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Looks like this would only be wanted by a select few individuals, however enjoyed by many if made available. +1 with my vote.

No need to beat around the bush (unless that's the software author's angle), it's obvious they're Legos, maybe with copyrighted marks removed, but they're Legos just the same. Nothing wrong with that, but such a program ought to go the extra mile and let you build with other building toys too. Especially if custom parts can be made that adapt one system to another.

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