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Classic Menu for Office 2007

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Classic Menu for Office 2007

For people who do not like the new Office 2007 menu - could you make portable e.g. UbitMenu.
For private users it is available with Creative Commons Licence (CCL).

If you know w about any other free program for restoring classic menu, I will be more than glad to know about them.

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Not sure this would be easy, or legal, to make portable. It modifies alot just from the sound of it.

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not sure abt the requested one

but I remember to have tested two of those classic menu addons some time ago (I hate those blue ribbons too) and all it was made of was some XML script. Nothing too hightech behind it.

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Office 2007 is the greatest

Office 2007 is the greatest argument yet for switching to OpenOffice - which has the classic style menus, of course.

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