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MozRegKey - ShockWave edit

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MozRegKey - ShockWave edit

I am unable to reply to previous MozRegKey threads so I'm going to post the question here:

I am trying to install shockwave as an add on to firefox portable.

Copying the .dll file from either an existing firefox plugins folder or the system 32\adobe folder does not work like it does with flash because the 'Swdnld.exe' file is missing and is not part of the install file (checked temporary files) and unsourcable online (it should be system32\adobe\director)

When the shockwave install exe file is clicked it always installs to the C drive - there is no possibility of interrupting it.

This is what I thought I needed to do with MOzRegKey 0.4 using absolute paths:

Key Name: MozRegKey
Exe path: H:\Applications\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe
Plugins Path: H:\Applications\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins

Hit install key

double click shockwave installer at C:\Users\Jonny\Desktop\Shockwave_Installer_Slim.exe

Hit Uninstall key.

But I can't stop it writing to the C drive. Are my paths wrong? Or any suggestions?

BTW Mozregkey 0.4

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There's still hope - Shockwave plugin portable

I was in the same predicament till I saw this post here:

Thanks ADTC, whoever you are.

What he's saying is to actually download the installer file, open the installer archive with 7-zip and finally copy the files necessary to the plugins folder. How easy is that?

Btw, for flash, look for flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll

For Shockwave : np32dsw.dll and SWDNLD. The latter is for sites that require a download of files required for shockwave to operate. The last I checked, nothing was installed in my system.

Found another site for my DivX. Not sure where but will update when I do find it and now gonna start working on Quicktime Smile

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