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Decryption password

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Decryption password

This was mentioned once previously (years ago!) but I'll bring it up again. When one encrypts a file, Toucan asks for your password twice, as it should, so you won't have accidentally mis-typed your password and thus encrypted it with some unknown (to you) password. Fine. However, when *de*crypting a file, it also asks you for your password twice! What's the point of that? It's really irritating, and serves little or no purpose. (If it's to discourage password guessing, a better, more standard, solution would be, if a wrong password is entered, delay a second or two or three before saying "Bad password", which would prevent anyone from guessing more than a dozen or two per minute.)

There's really no reason to ask for the password twice on decryption, IMHO.


- rob

Chris Morgan
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May be able to destroy file

I'm not certain about this now, but in the past you would destroy the file by using the wrong password - it would successfully decrypt it to the wrong data, and it would be irretrievable. That was with one encryption algorithm, another is used now as the default, and it may have changed this (is it an improvement? You decide.) but I don't know for sure. If it is, though, then getting the password twice is a safeguard against destroying the file by accident. Steve can comment more on this.

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Steve Lamerton
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Not for

well over a year have you been able to do that Smile

Is it really that big an issue? I mean typing the password twice is much quicker than typing the wrong password, watching a progress screen full of failure messages, then running the job again and typing it correctly!

RMB Fixed
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Seriously, writing the password twice EVERY TIME is less annoying
than being presented with a new password-box saying "Wrong password, please re-enter"
on the occasional typo ?
It makes the app twice as sensitive to typos if you think about it ..

EDIT : And either way, you will STILL have to enter the password twice ..
or rather FOUR times !

John T. Haller
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I think it is unusual to ask twice when decrypting or loggined in (twice when encrypting or setting a password is the norm). If they make a mistake on the decryption password, the file is tested and if the password is wrong, it reprompts them. That's also pretty standard. 7-Zip asks for a password once, Windows does, self-extracting EXEs ask once, etc.

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