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Portable apps default mode

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Portable apps default mode

I remember a while back a topic that talked about how allowing changing the PAF icon to something else would cause confusion if a user needed help and someone said "click the grey arrow icon" re:"there isn't one"
Well, I thought about it, perhaps there could be a default mode for PAF - kind of like disabling all add-ons in FF, that one could run in lieu of the normal launcher, which would use a different set of settings for certain changeable options (such as an icon) resetting things to default almost, so when someone needs help, they could open that, discover the problem, then be able to use there own, or say if the icon wasn't showing for them for some reason, the default platform would allow changing of options back to default, for the main platform.
What do others think of the idea? sorry if it's a bit outrageous or tedious, just a suggestion!

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top idea, now we are

top idea, now we are thinking....

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