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BUG? Command not found error in console

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BUG? Command not found error in console

Hi there,

first of all thank you very much for your time to hack such a great tool!
Only thing matters to me as a console freak is program's command line function.
I tried to sync 2 folders by a batch file so I started "Toucan Sync C:\Path\to\source C:\Path\to\dest Mirror". But all I get is an error about command wasn't found. Also tried with other arguments as Backup and tried upper- as lowercase.
Only way working is with a job name like "Toucan jobname".
Any idea why? Does Windows Vista matter?!


Steve Lamerton
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need to use the whole string as shown in the helpfile. For example:

Toucan Sync C:\Path\to\source C:\Path\to\dest Mirror "" false false false false

Hope that helps! Smile

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