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Request Prompt Portable 0.1 Dev Test 1

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Request Prompt Portable 0.1 Dev Test 1

Application: Request Prompt
Category: Utilities
Description: For those of us who know we need to treat them well, we probably realize that the "command-line" or "command prompt" is the result of human arrogance towards computers. Take it easy on your computer. Don't command, request! And don't forget to say please!

This is a project I cooked up out of boredom and a flash of inspiration one day. It's not done, there are bugs (mostly in changing directories, so far as I can tell...). Leave me input/criticisms/bug reports, or whatever. Just use it the same as cmd.exe. Most commands should work. Right now all it really does is randomly talk back to you and refuse to do things, but I plan to work in some other things, such as the aforementioned manners check Blum

Download Request Prompt Portable 0.1 beta Dev Test 1 [252kB download / 85.1kB installed]
(MD5: 75AA5F14636577EBD1CEF2235F934FFB)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2009-09-13): Initial Release

    known issues

  • cd . / chdir . causes a crash (why would you cd to the same directory anyway?)
  • pressing tab advances the cursor to the next tab, rather than tab-completing the command/path/filename