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windows 7 64 bit

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windows 7 64 bit

i would like to know if there is a windows 7 64 bit version for the following programs.

1. open office 3.1
2. revo uninstaller
3. firefox 3.5 portable.
4. gimp
5. ccleaner
6. scribus
7. fox it pdf reader
8. inkscape
9. picasa
10: notepad ++
11. toucan portable
12. kompozer
13. blender
14. 7 zip
15. trakaxpc

also i would like to create a permanent password/account so that i login for support for the above programs how do i do that. please respond thanks

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Better to ask the authors?

Wouldn't it be better to ask the authors directoy, rather than here?

Also, why is it important to you if there's a 64 bit version available?!! There's nothing wrong with 32 bit software - the entire menu system is a 32 bit program (and can never be anything more than that without the Delphi compiler being written)

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For most of these apps, there

For most of these apps, there aren't 64-bit Windows versions of even the non-portable versions, so there wouldn't be any 64-bit portable ones. However, 64-bit Windows can still run 32-bit programs just fine (there are still far more 32-bit Windows apps out there than there are 64-bit ones, just take a look in your Program Files (x86) folder and you'll see all of your programs that are 32-bit). Also, since you're posting here just fine, I can only assume when you say you want a "permanent account" you mean for IRC. You'll have to register at to do that.

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