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Backup whole directory minus one file

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Backup whole directory minus one file

How can I do this?

Example: let's say I want to back up my Data folder of my FireforPortable installation every 24 hours... minus urlclassifier3.sqlite, which is only a big swap file or something.

Is there an option in Toucan already to do this? If I already added the whole Data directory to the backup set, then I can remove only urlclassifier3.sqlite? So farI have found the only way I could accomplish this is by adding each file one by one in the Data folder to the backup set... but that's no fun.

This would be really helpful for me, since I don't want to upload cache or swap files to the cloud.

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A good request

A good request, I understand the example you give completely, that is a file I would never want to backup, hopefully the dev on this project will be able to accommodate you, I can see other examples of where this may be of value.

Thanks for asking this question,
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Oh, by the way, if I may ask, are you really from Afghanistan, or did you just accept the default first location?

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You can do that with Rules.

You can do that with Rules. See the help file.

In your case, if you want to back up everything except one file, you would create a "file to exclude" rule, with a regexp pattern like: *(urlclassifier3.sqlite)
and then apply that rule to the sync job.

You can check the effects of the rules with preview.

J Neutron
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Even easier!
  1. In the Rules tab create the rule's name (such as NoClassifier) and save.
  2. In the Backup tab select your backup job name and then specify the rule.
  3. In the Files to Backup window find the urlclassifier3.sqlite, right click on it, and pick "Exclude by Name" from the context menu. Save.
  4. Click the Preview tab, see the file turn red (excluded).

BTW, Toucan bug... when you specify a filename to exclude like this, the rule actually gets written as "Folder to Exclude" instead of "Filename to Exclude" but still seems to work correctly. If you are a stickler, go to the rules tab, call up the rule, double-click on the exclude item and change it from "folder" to "file".

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Thanks for the tip guys! Btw.

Thanks for the tip guys!

Btw. congratulations to the administrator who deleted my username "trust" after just this one post. Now shall I trust this board after all this? Hence my new nickname. I created my account using a address, so Mr. Administrator probably decided I must me evil and hence, deleted. If I register with any other free email address other than Mailinator, am I not considered evil here? Pretty clever.

Whatever, back to business.

I want to accomplish two separate things with Toucan and I need your help in determining which one I shall chose? sync or backup?

1st kind of thing is to backup/sync things like my Data directory in Firefox Portable, so when it crashes, I have a restore point.

2nd thing is some individual documents in my Documents folder. But we can say everything I put in the Documents folder, can go to backup/sync. But, here is the big but: I am okay with these documents to be deleted from my primary hard drive and exist only as a backup. So I don't need them to be restored to the primary hard drive, when they don't exist there any more.

For the two issues, what shall I use? Sync or backup?

It would be nice if I could use on the fly encryption to backup/sync also.

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Are you sure your other name was deleted?

I was able to access that profile page:

I'm pretty sure if an account has been deleted, that page would have been unavailable.

It may have been a glitch. Maybe you can contact a moderator and see if they can clear it up. Or, you might have some luck on the online support chat. No guarantee that a moderator will be there, but if they are, I'm sure they'll be happy to help sort it out. They really are good guys.

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Yeah, my account is still

Yeah, my account is still there, I just can't log in. It says it is a restricted email address Who. Never mind, not that important.

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Where to contact a moderator here?


I found no way to private message a moderator. How can I contact them?

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All accounts using mailinator and other disposable email accounts are blocked and no new ones can be created using those address due to account filtering rules. This is due to abuse and quite common in popular forums as accounts created with these services are nearly always trouble.

Mailinator knows that people use their service abusively and keeps adding domains to try and keep up with the fact that hosts block their domains to stem the flow of spam and trolls.

We update this list regularly so chances are your current account will also be blocked in the near future unless you change it to a legitimate email address.

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Different purposes

Sync generally implies one source, one destination and you may use the destination from time to time like a source.

An example of this is I have two computers at home, both with portable apps installed on them. My primary desktop computer that I use most days, is the source, but occasionally I have to use the other desktop, so I need to synchronize my portable apps with my primary desktop. (I'm completely ignoring two-way sync in this scenario).

Backup implies one source, but possible multiple destinations, in that you can create a new backup each time you run the process, that might for example represent different snapshots in time. Backups would be used where you don't plan on using that data directly (as source data) but you may need to refer to it periodically either planned or unplanned.

An example of this would be that I create content for my website, and I want to take a weekly snapshot of it, so that in the event of a failure I can restore my website to within a week's up-to-date content. So I'll keep multiple backups that are date stamped. I could just keep one backup, but suppose I created an article 2 years ago that I've since deleted so it was no longer part of the website/backup. I'd have no way to recover it if I didn't have dated backups.

So basically, you need to think about what you're trying to do and what you want to do with the data that is being saved (synced or backed up) and that will probably give you a clue as to which method will work best for you.

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I went to see my

I went to see my participation and activity here, and noticed this thread has been last updates 1 week 4 days ago. The latest posts I see here are from 2010, however. Strange.

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