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Flash and Shockwave - has anything changed?

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Flash and Shockwave - has anything changed?


I am using PortableApps on a corporate build PC on which I ahve no admin account.
The last time I installed Flash and Shockwave in my FirefoxPortable install was about a year ago - I am not that bothered about being cutting edge, so there was no need to upgrade until now. But I seem to be unable to achieve much...

I followed the recommendations from this site:

1) I tried the "easy to use installer" which is showing some progress window, but then times out, and errors with "Connection lost" after which all I can do is click "Finish" and that's that.

2) Next I tried installing the Flash extension (xpi). This starts a process which ends in the error notice:

Firefox could not install the file at
because: Install script not found

3) So I used a Vanilla build laptop with the latest Firefox, and installed Flash and Shockwave directly off the Adobe website (The Shockwave installer does at no point offer me to chose a different browser and/or location) which worked ok. I then searched the entire disk for the advertised .dlls (NPSWF32.dll and np32dsw.dll) - they are nowhere to be found.

Now I have proved to myself and friends in the past that I can be rather make a hash of simple instructions... but could you please confirm for my peace of mind - is the FAQ page hopelessly out of date, or am I really so thick that I can fail to make this work by any of three methods??

(I also searched the PortableApps site for further clues, but apart from a thread in which someone says that an older version of a dll worked better (and a broken link to a download of that dll) I have not found much.

I am confused. And would like to upgrade my Firefox. Thank you very much for your help!

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Shockwave doesn't work

Shockwave doesn't work portably, everytime firefox tries to use it.

And you tried this

"Locate your plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\)"

And did you us the search (engine?) in windows to scan the drives for the plugin?

Try that.

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Thank you, Pyromaniac, Yes, I

Thank you, Pyromaniac,

Yes, I checked there - in the plugins directory si only one file: "npnul32.dll"
And yes again, I used the windows search engine to search the entire PC, and I have set all the folder view options correctly so that I see even hidden system files etc.

I then searched the disk for all new files since the install, and there are a couple of ".x32" files... that's it.

But Flash is certainly working in the browser now. Only I am still stumped as to make it happen on the portable version...

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Check this out

Good info on "How to Use Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition" is at:

neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

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Looks familiar

That article looks really familiar, I wonder if the guy who wrote it posts here? Wink

Anyway, a guy [rudely] proved to me last week that Shockwave doesn't work portably. I thought it did, because I had the .dll files and it worked at home, but I guess I have Shockwave installed at home.

I ought to update that wikiHow article, but it's a wiki, anybody can do it.

Anyway, what does Shockwave let us do that Flash hasn't got covered? I seem to remember Shockwave being more important, years ago. Then you wanted to have both, now it's just Flash, Flash, Flash.

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I've got it running in Flock

I've got it running in Flock as of now.

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Nice article but...

That's a nice article, and there was some info in it which will come in handy BUT...

It also references the .dlls which, as I outlined in my original post, are not installed anymore when doing a Flash install.

I assume that Flash works in all of your browsers fine because you did that install when it worked like that.

It seems to not wrk like that anymore, and I would like to find out whether there is a *new* way now that things, apparently, have changed.

But maybe there isn't. Thanks for your efforts, guys!

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yes confirm

the dll's have other names now, the older pure flash is not at the website also, but when you simply go to the plugin folder you will find there number of other thigs, just try to copy them and see which one is doing what.

did work this way on my side

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You could type "about:plugins" to the address bar in Firefox. That shows informations of all installed plugins. You could find the filenames there too Smile

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