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Placing one level below the I: Root

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Placing one level below the I: Root

First I'd like to say Hi and thanks for a great forum.
Just a small comment on installing the Portable apps platform and suite.
The instructions advise putting them on the root of the I drive.

I am using it with Avast Portable on a Cruzer 16GB Sandisk.
After fiddling around I found that if I install Avast as a LP Launcher Program it will then fire up when I put the drive in and check the computer I am using.

This does not seem to happen when the Portable Apps Suite is on the root level, but a separate Portable Apps file with the program within it menas that nothing happens until the machine is declared clean.

I was setting it up for someone without a lot of computer experience and so this seems the safest arrangement.

John T. Haller
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That's just the autorun.inf. You can manually use the one from your Avast instance if you want. What would make more sense is having Avast inside the instance and auto-running it.

Keep in mind that autorun.inf will no longer be used in Windows 7 and may stop working in Windows XP/Vista with a future Microsoft update (it's currently optional/manual but that may change).

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Tim Clark
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Unless I am wrong I believe that the LP launcher he is referring to is the U3 Launch Pad and the Avast he is using is the U3 version. If this is the case he will not be able to move it into the instance [not quite sure what you mean here] and autorunning it. So this might be a bit more complicated. Perhaps I've misunderstood something.


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