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What about Windows 7?

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What about Windows 7?

Hi guys, just wondering if anybody has any tips for the upcoming win7 arrival?
Will it affect Portable Apps use?

(I already found that you may need to chat with Symantec if you have one of those 3-machine licenses and are using XP.)

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It works

Windows 7 is already out in RC status, and the platform and apps work fine with it, barring a couple minor issues. Most importantly, autorun is not present/enabled in Windows 7 for flash drives (Microsoft is allegedly working on their own successor to U3) and the keyboard shortcut (WIN+ALT+SPACE) to bring up the menu doesn't work in Win7 because Win7 reserves all the WIN-* shortcuts for the system. Minor stuff. Worst case scenario, you run it in Windows XP compatibility mode, but the Platform and the apps I use work in Win7.

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For those who still want autorun on their personal computer(s) there's
Uwe Sieber' "USBDLM"
Only pre-approved drives are allowed to perform autorun and it's
TrueCrypt and U3 aware, allows for consistent drive-letters, fixes issues wth net-work-shares and USB drive-letter assignemt etc etc .
Free for personal and educational use but not open source ..

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