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Wildcards in Toucan

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Wildcards in Toucan

Hello! First post! (be kind :))

I recently installed Toucan as a Portable app so that i could create an easy way for a customer to back up their files to an external hard disk.

I created a Daily script + backup and a Weekly script + backup (plus some supporting batch files, but that's for another discussion). The Daily script does an Incremental backup while the Weekly script would first Move the previous backup files to a backup store before proceeding to take a new Full backup.

Move "@drive@\backup.user\" "@drive@\\"
Move "@drive@\backup.user\*.zip" "@drive@\\"
Backup "Weekly-backup"

My script failed since it couldn't move *.zip from @drive@\backup.user to @drive@\\ and i suppose it's because Tucan doesn't understand wildcards. Am i very wrong? Is there an easy fix?


Steve Lamerton
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sorry for taking so long to reply, you are correct, Toucan doesn't support wildcards in this fashion, hopefully when the new scripting features get added this will be possible though!

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