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TrueCrypt Encryption on the stick

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TrueCrypt Encryption on the stick

True crypt is an app that I allready ose on the stick but it has 2 executables.
If it would be repackaged it would be awsome.

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It can't be supported

EDIT: Truecrypt requires a driver to be installed into a system, which requires administrative rights. That makes it not portable by PA.c standards. Performing a search in the box in the upper right hand corner will result in more information.

This doesn't stop me from having a portable install of it on my USB drive. I only use TC with computers I trust when/if I have to access/carry sensitive information. I suggest using encrypted 7Z (7-Zip) containers for such files.

And welcome to PA.c. Smile

[TrueCrypt] search | - Portable software for USB drives

7-Zip Portable | - Portable software for USB drives

TrueCrypt 5.1 | - Portable software for USB drives

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Please Search

Welcome to, ZamolxisArt. Please search around a bit before posting a question. You've rapid-fire posted about 10 posts requesting new apps. Many are duplicates of existing discussions, so you could have found your answers there. Just don't want folks to get too overwhelmed with all the requests.

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