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Use PC Default Browser instead of Firefox

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Use PC Default Browser instead of Firefox

Loading Firefox from a USB drive can be slow at times. Is it possible to have an option in Portable Apps Menu to use the default Browser for the PC, rather than Firefox on the USB drive, when opening menu items such as "Help" or "Search". I know that I can delete Firefox (or rename the directory) an then IE will load, but a Menu optionwould be easier.

It would also be great to be able to add Documents such as Wiki files, or Notepad Text files to PA menu

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Start > Run...

(or hold WINDOWS key and hit R) type in and hit enter, should bring it right up. Does here (WinXP Pro Sp2) anyway.

That said, using the applications on the local computer really defeats the purpose of using portable applications in the first place. I do agree that Firefox takes a bit of time to start up (though it's not as bad as VLC) but it's worth it if you have it set up the way you like. Inversely, sometimes you just wanna look something up in a hurry, in which case the local browser is helpful, and Google is as good a starting point as any (though, technically, Bing and Yahoo have fewer letters, so you can get them out quicker).

Wouldn't mind seeing a LOCAL button on the menu which has shortcuts to the local IE, Paint, Calc, Charmap, Regedit, and other local utilities. Wouldn't wish for the feature so much as categories, portable file association, portable fonts, or others, but it would be useful.

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My fav app launcher.

I have a "Windows" folder on my PStart menu that points to some commonly installed apps such as Calc and IE, in addition to some of the regular applications that I install. I rarely have to use the Windows Start menu or desktop shortcuts anymore.

I really like the freeware application Toolbox for creating shortcuts to documents and other non-executable files.

As for browsers, I have Google Chrome installed and have that set as my default browser, so it opens almost instantaneously to read local HTML/Help files etc. However, when I going to be doing a serious browsing session, I'll open up Firefox Portable. Works for me.

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Cool app, what I'd like is

Cool app, what I'd like is something that allowed you to dump all the crap on your desktop, manage it to folders, purge etc., but it's another option (and it's portable enough).

Funny things these applications can start when windows starts and yet they don't have registry entries supposedly, wonder why.

MS should stop this dead in its' tracks.

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Google Chrome Portable

Now we have Google Chrome Portable available, it would be nice to be able to choose a default portable browser. Who knows, now that we have freeware packaged in Format, maybe we will see portable versions of other browsers before too long.

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