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R6 Home Inventory

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R6 Home Inventory

I am looking for a good portable home inventory application, and R6 Home Inventory appears to be very useful. Would it be possible to make this application portable? I attempted to use Universal Extractor to run it from my USB, but this method seemed to create instability in the executable file, and it crashed. I am not a programmer so, unfortunately, I am unable to provide specifics on this issue.

Here are details about the application:

Name: R6 Home Inventory
Description: "R6 Home Inventory is an easy to use database that allows you to catalog all of your physical assets by room, manufacturer, or by category. Report features even include estimated replacement values."
License: Open Source
Cost: Free

As much as I would love to use Base to manage my home inventory, there are so many quirks about the application that, in comparison to MS Access, it is almost impossible to use without intense study. (There are various issues with assigning primary keys, relationships, and storing image files in the table).