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Kompozer 0.8b1 to be released soon!

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Kompozer 0.8b1 to be released soon!

Kaze has been working on the next big release of Kompozer for a while now, and according to his blog
he is going to release it any day now.

I'm assuming that the b means beta, but I've been playing with the alpha version, and that's more stable than the released 0.7...

I'm a fan of Kompozer (especially when I'm teaching a norm about HTML) and I'm glad to see that the project is alive and active.

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Oh well....

I was going to refer you to:

regarding beta applications, but I see that you have posted in that thread and must be aware of the "official" position.

To be honest, I'd rather see the most recent stable release of a program being used, but that's where the black and white of an official release turns to beta grey.

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Kompozer 0.8 Beta released!

Hey Solanus

Thought you and other Kompozer fans would like to know, The beta has been released. Considering the quality of the alphas it shouldn't be long before we get a final release and hopefully an official portable here Smile Advocate

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