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Grrrrr... Learn from me...

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Grrrrr... Learn from me...

Alcohol and USB Drives dont mix, period. Last night a friend and I went and had some drinks. We come to my place to crash so we wouldn't wake his parents. I, get on my computer, and plug in my USB Drive. He is, well, trashed, and says "Hey, what is that thing?" and PROCEEDS TO PULL IT OUT IN USE! The cable came out of both the drive and the computer! It's detachable, but all data was a total loss. I found 4 files that seemed good. I haven't backed up in 3 weeks. I just reorganized it two days ago. Sigh.

Remember kiddies, ALWAYS USE SAFE REMOVE!

I've got some work ahead of me, trying to get back what I can and look through backups and my home file server for things that may have been scattered.

NOTE: The four files that survived were the autorun, the drive icon, a remount batch, and the remount utility. ::sighs::

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Disaster recovery

Hi, you could try to recover your data with Smart Recovery or something like that.

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