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Program: dnGREP
License: OpenSource - GNU v 3 License

Description: .NET implementation of GREP tool with GUI (works on Windows only). Supports plain text/regex/XPath search (including case-insensitive search), file move/copy/delete actions, undo functionality, optional integration with text editor (like notepad++) as well as bookmarks (ability to save regex searches for the future).

Other: Does not write any entries in registry and stores bookmark in the same folder as primary executable. Window persistence settings (as as last search string used and states of checkboxes), however, are stored in "C:\Documents and Setting\..." folder. Those are not critical for application performance, however it makes this application not 100% portable.

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I ask for dnGrep Portable because author, on GitHub, write that's do not able to create a Portable version.

See GitHub
Open issues, Issue #238 'Provide a portable version #238' and author has flaged this post as 'Help wanted'.

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"Made changes in 2.9.291 so

"Made changes in 2.9.291 so no files are loaded or written outside of the local directory when the local directory is writable."

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