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A new free, multiplayer action game: Subvein!

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A new free, multiplayer action game: Subvein!

Game: Subvein
OS: Windows (will eventually be on mac and linux too)
Zipped? Of course
Size: ~14MB
Free: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes
Current version: 0.53
Developer: Me!

Subvein is a top-down multiplayer shooter with guns, skills, missions and more. Imagine the top-down view of GTA2, mixed with the intense online action of CS, mixed with the strategic character building and skill selection of Diablo. Basically I've merged all my favorite games into one SUPER game. The next thing I'm going to code in will be vehicles, just like in GTA2.

It's online, free to download and only about 14MB so you can start playing in minutes. The controls are very similar to counter strike.. WASD to move, Y to chat, E to pickup weapons, etc.. you log in and start off fresh at level 1. You press B to buy your gun and get to killing people! As you kill people you'll gain experience and mutate, which allows you to invest skill points. You simply press N to open the skill selection screen and you're presented with a wide range of skills to choose from. Invisibility, Bullet Time, Self Repair, Venom Shot, Blade Fury.. the list goes on. As of v0.53 there are a total of 33 skills in the game and over 20 weapons. You choose your skills and the cycle continues, pwning noobs all the way. Subvein has a number of game modes including popular favorites like DM and CTF, and a build in map editor so there are countless map to choose from.

Check out this gameplay video to see some hot Subvein action.

Anyway the game is a good bit of fun and very easy to get into. I hope you check it out!


Tim Clark
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Hi Ben

Hi Ben

This is the forum for requesting that an app be made portable, not a forum to advertise your own stuff. As you are the creator of this game you can make the app portable yourself, so may I ask why you have posted this here?

I am inclined to move this to our Off-Topic forum or delete it before someone starts yelling "No self promotion" at you.

If you are requesting aid in making the game portable please indicate that by replying or editing your topic, you have that power, and also what is the games license ?[OSS, GPL, etc], Free is not a license.

Moderator Tim

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This game looks really good. I'm going to download and give it a go!

John T. Haller
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Hi Ben and welcome to A couple things with your app. First, we're not yet doing freeware listings on but will be within 1-2 weeks.

Second, in order to post on, your app needs to be in Format. It's a standardized setup for portable software that makes sure things always work. And it's distributed using our free multilingual installer (which can now be used for freeware as well as open source software).

You'll find details on the format and the installer in the Development section of our site.

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Oh ok.. sorry I

Oh ok.. sorry I misunderstood. The game already is portable (as it can simply be unzipped and run just off a USB). I thought this was where people could suggest new software for you to include in the portableApps package. I noticed you only have 1 action game included so far and thought this would be a nice addition to the package.

Thanks for the info on the format John, I'll go take a look at that now. Biggrin

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you made this game?

err. i tested this game out. It looks really really fun, and i killed a few people, but why is the mouse so slow? not as in sensitivity, but it like lags.

this should be a portable app, tho

portable app

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