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Portable WinAmp

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Portable WinAmp

I would love to see a portable version of a recent release of WinAmp. I hate having to install it on every machine I get on.

If this can't be done at least a portable music player that isn't Windows Media Player that supports m3u playlists and network drives.

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kingsfield (not verified)
Portable WinAmp is easy

I wanted to use WinAmp at work, where I have to log onto Windows 2000 Professional as a user with the security settings of a "guest". Well, that doesn't sit right when I'm an IT person. Anyway, just install WinAmp to your hard drive (with the proper privilages) and copy it to the USB drive. It works like a charm, but not with WinAmp 5 - you'll have to register it or cancel the screen every time. I stuck with WinAmp 2.77, the version I had before I downloaded 5. It works great, no matter where I go, I can listen to my music! Place any wanted plug-ins in to the plugin directory of the USB drive, to add functionality like a normal installation.

I'd like to be able to use WinAmp 5 because of it's bug fixes, modern skin support, and new sort features, but don't like canceling out of the "registration" screen every time. I assume that a registry entry is made on the local hard drive that you've either registered, or canceled (and made sure to click the box that says "Don't ask me again"), but I'm not sure.

This is the first thing I try when I want something to work - a program that I want on my USB drive, but don't have the "privilages" to install something to my USB drive. Install it on another computer and copy the folder to the USB drive. Then, take it to a computer that doesn't have it installed, and see if it will run. 9 times out of 10, it will, without any trouble at all.

threeoclockwit (not verified)
There is one.

Here is an article on Portable WinAmp at

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It still creates a single unused registry entry...


Still VERY close to a true portable app. Just create a batch file to backup the key if it already exists, run program, restore backup; or, if the key wasn't already there, simply run the program, delete the key.

Unless there is some way to convince it to not create the key...

Rob Loach
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The classic version of Winamp is portable.

kingsfield (not verified)
Classic WinAmp on my USB drive

It is WinAmp 2.77 on my drive, the so-called "classic" version. I don't want to put version 5 on there because I'd have to cancel the registration everytime, unless it stores the information on the drive itself). Media Player Classic is a better altnertive, unless you like to see the playlist, or want the songs to play in a certian order. Mostly, I simply want the songs to play, and don't care in which order. I also don't need good playlist support, so MPC is adequate.

Rob Loach
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Winamp 5 Classified

Winamp 5 Classified is a Winamp Classic skin that mimics the Winamp 5 look.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

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xmplay is portable and can use winamp plugins

xmplay is portable and can use winamp plugins

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Not totally portable

Xmplay it´s a great player, but stores all its config in the windows registry (it also gives you the option to clear that data if you want).

EDIT: Lastest January version of Xmplay is now portable. It stores the config in an .ini file.

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I sign tghis with both my

I sign tghis with both my hands. I'd love to have Winamp Portable

Embrace your dreams

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Portable Winamp+ipod

I use this thingy off the Ipod-drive. Works as far as I understand on any pc (and no need for admin-rights) and has Ipod-support:


EDIT: Noticed another link was already posted.

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I would recommend CoolPlayer. It's fast and already portable.


Antonimo (not verified)
1 by 1

Very small directory player. Also plays m3u (playlists)

Loads of features in 52 KB app. Additional .dll files allow CD, wav, mpc, ape, midi etc.

Doesn't do "visualizations" - is that what you listen to music for?

This is just a great music player. Can be controlled with FoxyTunes extension for Firefox and media keys..

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