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eM Client

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eM Client

I have recently discovered this free alternative to MS Outlook and I am extremely pleased with it - so much so that I think it would be a great Portable App, if it's possible to do.

I believe it is both freeware and open source.

A Google search for a portable version already in existence only found links to Warez sites - no thanks!

eM Client: eM Client is a Windows based Communication Client for managing e-mails, multiple calendars, contacts and tasks. It contains integrated Instant Messaging for Jabber, ICQ and support for Skype with full Communication History.


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Looks interesting

Looks like an interesting app... I might give it a try as a new email clent, but....

It isn't opensource as far as I can tell.

It is still in beta, and their timetable for a final release was last month, so....

It appears to require .NET, which is a real issue for portability.

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I'm sorry for recovering this post from the past but I'm interested and I think t's important to do it...
There are instructions here to make EM Client portable manually, maybe someone can automate this.
I will be very grateful to have a portable version... I have the full version of this program
Thanks in advance.

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That would be great indeed,

That would be great indeed, given it supports Exchange, unlike Thunderbird.

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