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The Windows 7 Whopper

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The Windows 7 Whopper

Someone had to mention it.

CNN coverage, on YouTube

If you don't feel like clicking the link, or watching it (it's kinda gross), Microsoft and Burger King teamed up -- but only in Japan -- to co-brand a seven-patty burger. Its ¥777 price tag equals out to about $8-9 USD, and is worth 2,120 calories. (Take that, Carl's Jr./Hardee's Monster Thickburger!) Microsoft and Windows branding is definitely prevalent on the burger's wrapping, with a neat little Windows 7 sticker holding the wrapper together (you can kinda see it around 1:12 in the video).

I don't know if I could eat all that, but I do like burgers. I'm almost tempted to see if one of the Burger Kings around here will make it. Obviously they don't have the Windows 7 stuff up, but they can make a triple whopper with four extra patties, I'm sure.

I've already commented on a couple news articles/blogs out there saying that, like the operating system on most normal computers, it'll [make you] run for about an hour before falling flat on your face, and that I'd rather have the Linux burger, which only has what you want, and comes with the recipe.

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thats sick :/

thats sick :/

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Hardees went to the dogs

their burgers are awful now. I prefer me some BK Doublestackers.... Smile

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