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DropUpLoad 1.87 Development Test 1

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DropUpLoad 1.87 Development Test 1

Application: DropUpLoad
Category: Internet
Description: DropUpLoad is an a simple (but good) FTP upload spooler... particularly perfect for uploading your portable applications which you've made, I reckon Smile

Download DropUpLoad Portable 1.87 Development Test 1 [483KB download / 278KB installed]
(MD5: 2cd80eb1a74c1d8b636f5ed82d5d5f81)

Release Notes:
Development Test 1 (2009-10-26): Initial release; uploaded with itself, whole process of creation took under an hour, very pleasingly simple Smile

I've realised since releasing DT1 that the UPX compression (halves its size, but even so that's only 155KB it saves) causes the "Generate locked version of DropUpLoad" feature to not work - it copies DropUpLoad.exe and can't modify it (so you get a not-so-portable version of DropUpLoad, and you don't get the preset FTP location or picture saved into it). Next release (hopefully a fairly quick official one being so simple and yet so useful) will remove UPX, I think.