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Developing programs: Compilers and other options

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Developing programs: Compilers and other options

Ok, well, I have a few questions to ask, and figured I'd check one of the few forums I know of that program.
First off - MinGW or Cygwin, which is better, can I use both?
also relating - I need a good guide to set either up, sure the ones on the sites are fine, but, I'd like one that tells me what I need, and what changes I need to make (I know I need to change a few environment variables or something) and WHY.

Next up, anyone develop on Linux? (cross compiling) if so, I use virtual machines, and would it be more beneficial to use cross compiling? if so, nice guide would be needed, and if anyone knows a specific distro orientated for a programmer (This would be a secondary choice to allow me to compile away from home using SSH)

GUI - I know I can't use visual studio, I've heard codeblocks is good, and I've used eclipse while doing robotics programming, but I'm not sure the environment suits me

Going for C/++ (more the ++)

Anything about game programming etc. that people have advice on, let me have it, Thanks in advanced to anyone that can help!

edit: I mean developing games using C/C++ I don't really wanna use flash, it wouldn't be hosted online, and it'd be a very large game.

Secondly, I'm not developing FOR Linux, I'd be developing on it.
Nor will anything I develop be necessarily portable (although I do plan on trying my hardest to make anything I make available in a portable form)

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Comparing Cygwin to MinGW is like comparing an ambassador to the guy that writes his/her speeches. Cygwin is a UNIX emulator, and MinGW is a compiler package.

Wine is the current recommended method for Linux (I don't get why either--nor can I find a relevant help page to link to). If you want native Linux apps, try this site (still a work in progress).

As for C and C++, and Code::Blocks, the latest one (in the dev test index) is this one, and if you want to program games, I would strongly suggest flash (because of wide userbase, easy availability, etc. etc., etc., oh, and the insane addictiveness ;)).

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whoa whoa, cygwin is more

whoa whoa, cygwin is more than a unix emulator, you can compile windows specific apps in it too you know :P, but by far MinGW is the way to go and I also agree with Code::Blocks as one if the best free IDE's around.

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Something different?

How about Qt? still C++ with a twist.

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