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can't find the lite

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can't find the lite

I saw a really old version of OO.o on this website in the beta forums and I now use that instead of the supported version that's out there right now. I know that there is AbiWord, but I'm loyal to OO.o and was wondering if John (or somebody else) could create OO.o Portable Lite. I know you used to have Writer and Impress downloads by themselves but its gone now. I literally have 642Kb of free space on my flash drive! (before I downgraded to lite.

Everyone knows you can't work without lite :P.

John T. Haller
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There was never a Writer or Impress-only. is ONE piece of software. Leaving off one of the components only saves a few MB. The 'lite' version of was unwieldy to maintain and would have been a ton of work for upgrades and successive releases (especially as we upped it to 13 supported languages).

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