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OpenOffice Program missing from P-Apps Menu

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OpenOffice Program missing from P-Apps Menu

I installed the latest version of Open Office (3.1.1) this afternoon, and noticed that the OO Front End program "OpenOfficePortable.exe" is not shown in the P-Apps menu (v2.0 beta 3). Is this intended, or is there something wrong.

Before anyone asks "Why would you want to be able to open this, when you can just run the Individual applications?", it does give immediate access to some of the settings, and YES - i know that you can get to it by opening any other OO app and closing the open Document, but it takes longer.

NB. I have checked for Hidden Icons.

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I think this is intended.
But you can enable the icon by adding "ShowSingleIconForMultiIconApps=true" to your menu ini as outlined

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I want to thank you for your

I want to thank you for your reply.

I too use Open Office and have recently moved to the latest menu and noticed the option not there or available.
Inputting the line you suggested and restarting the menu makes it show up; exactly what I needed.

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