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PFF affiliates button?

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Anonymous (not verified)
PFF affiliates button?

Consider making a portable FireFox button like those on the FireFox affiliates homepage? People could copy the html and easily link to your site. After looking at one of these blank buttons I imagined one that looked a little more like a usb stick that said Portable FireFox on it - Just a thought. By the way - you need a "this site is best viewed in FireFox 1.5" disclaimer. ;p

John T. Haller
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Button yes, disclaimer no

The button would need to be a modified version of the Firefox logo to fit that small a size, which means I'd need permission from Mozilla, which could take a while.

As for best viewed with, I prefer designing/developing for every browser where possible. As such, this site actually works with IE5 (with minor visual issues), IE5.5, IE6, Firefox/Mozilla Suite, Safari, Opera, Konqueror, Netscape 6/7, etc. An unstyled but perfectly usable version is sent to IE4, Netscape 4, etc.

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toddsherman (not verified)
yeah I ..

yeah I meant the disclaimer as a joke but people would probably not take it that way.

Bruce Pascoe
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Yeah, and besides, the

Yeah, and besides, the Firefox link buttons on the bottom of the pages are enough of an indication that the author recommends Firefox, anyway.

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