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Portable Google Destop

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Portable Google Destop

Could someone make the google destop program portable?

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I need it too. hope it is

I need it too. hope it is also compatible with Wine so I can run it on both windows and linux.

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I doubt it's compatible with wine. Even if it is, it's only going to find the files in the wine area (that is, the emulated Windows partition, usually mounted as drive Z: in wine).

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I know it is perhaps

I know it is perhaps difficult to index both Windows and Linux partition by using portable GDS. I have heard Google Desktop will have a linux version soon, hope that can help to find files when in linux. Now the desktop search in Linux seems not so effective.

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Isn't Google Desktop more of a program you would use to search for files on your main computer.

The idea of portable apps is that you can use them on multiple pc's and get the same effectiveness out of it.

BTW Google desktop uses file indexing and things like that. I don't think it would be possible unless the program was always running on that pc.

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The reasons people carry around portable applications run to:

  1. Convienience
  2. Mobility
  3. Speed
  4. Privacy
  5. Security

GDS is made to 'index', meaning, making a note about where information matching a
criteria can be found. In order to do this, one thing that GDS needs is time; something to keep in mind is that someone who uses portable applications a lot as actual tools to augment productivity may not have this. Another thing GDS needs is resources. GDS is made so that it can take advantage of low memory use cycles, but in order to speed up indexing, you may give GDS priority. This may cause very irritating lags, and performance issues. You might want to take note of how long, and how much of a drain it takes for GDS to index your home terminals. What really makes GDS impractical as a portable application, though, is that the index folder can get to be quite large; I have about 99% of an 80GB data drive filled, and about 56% on an 80GB windows partition. This has brought my own index size to about 567MB. Thats over half your 1GB drive not even including any other apps. Sad

I know many people don't have that much data (what can I say? I'm a crow. Smile ) and some have even more, but if you use GDS between two or more compies, the size can get up there. On a hard drive though... Oh, and don't forget about the writes...

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Portable Google

Search all Google services from desktop. No need to navigate to various Google search pages, can directly select the needed category and start searching. Also have links for many Google services.

Download :

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